How to get promotions @ speed of light? 

How to get promotions @ speed of light? 

Everyone works typically from 9 to 5. To get promotions @ speed of light:
¬ you should spend time beyond office hours to learn & acquire new skills. 

¬ you should connect with others @ speed of light. Be resourceful to others. Try to help others, no matter how small. Social currency is more important than your bank balance.

¬ help out your bosses. How? With your knowledge & suggestions. If you have expertise on any aspect of life like relationships, career, health, etc. then people will flock to you to seek guidance. 

¬ should develop a very pleasing personality. It should get reflected in the way you think, talk & work. Once in the job, your soft-shall play a vital role in your progression in any organisation. 

¬ don’t sit at home on Sunday. Go out & meet new people. Build vital connections.

¬ be exceptional. Do more than required. Enjoy your work. Make it playful. The more you engage, the better will be the results. 

¬ never play in defensive mode (*esp. in early 20s). Take risks, learn as much as you can. Be an workaholic. Be available for work 24*7.

After doing the above things, if you don’t get promotions, leave the organisation you are work in for 🙂 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


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