Why you should not believe in “born-gifted” theory? 

Why you should not believe in “born-gifted” theory? 

In life, you need to believe only in those theories that support you. Many people quit following their dreams every year & start believing that “they don’t have any innate talents”. And then they lead a mediocre life. 
¬ we all are born with some talents but before we make really big in life, we need to polish our talents (*no less than 5 years of practice is required!). 

¬ believe only in hard-work. You cannot expect yourself to deliver results every time purely based on luck & due to your innate ability to do some things better. 

Most people fail in life not because they do not have any idea of their talents but it is due to negligence to hone their skills. 

If you believe in “born-gifted” theory than you are likely to give up very early on your dreams. You will never work as hard as you should to achieve your dreams. 

You will always downgrade yourself as “it is not possible for me”. 

So, no matter what, believe only in hardwork. The conventional wisdom that hardwork pays off still holds true. 

P. S. it is much better to taste success by toiling hard than “with sheer luck”. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav



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