Why you should not be terrified to bleed in war? 

Why you should not be terrified to bleed in war?

Warriors are never afraid of wars. Yes, they could be unprepared but “war is essential” for them. They choose to fail & bleed in war than not to fight & give up before the battle. 
Sometimes, in life the bitter defeats do magic on life. 

¬ Scoring 50/100 may save you from being criticised. As a result of which you may keep scoring 55/100, 52/100, 60/100, etc. but never 95/100, 85/100, 92/100.

¬ Scoring 2/100, 5/100, 15/100, etc. hurts & reveals that your level of preparation was very poor. But if you take it positively, it “works miracle for you”. 

Remember, you cannot be victorious in all the wars you fight. But as a warrior, you have to keep fighting till the last breath. In your life it means :

> Pursue your dreams till the last breath 

> Keep failing, learning, improving & growing. A warrior has no destination to reach. He has to keep fighting the battles pre-ordained in his destiny(*life itself is a battle for a warrior). 

> As a warrior, you have to give your 100% each day.

> At the end of the day, do an analysis of your victories & failures. Try to improve upon them each day. Soon you will be able to overcome “your shortcomings”. 

P. S. A warrior never fails in life. He fights hard. He can only fail in the short run. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav 



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