How to live a regret-free life? 

How to live a regret-free life? 

The yardstick to measure how you lived your life is “by counting the regrets you have about the way you lived your life”. 

It is very necessary to live a life that involves very less regrets. The more regrets you have, the worse shall be the life you lived. 

Here’s a quick guide to live a regret-free life :

¬ Never be on defensive mode in life especially when you are young. We do not give our 100% when we are in defensive mode. Like if you want to serve others, you have to be aggressive to help others in every possible way. It might entail taking some risks, being unpractical & may have to burn midnight oils. Be prepared for that. 

¬ Follow your dreams aggressively. The best time is your early 20s as you have less responsibilities on your shoulder at that point of your life. 

¬ Be unpractical sometimes & always believe that your dreams are possible. Cultivate never-say-die-attitude. 

¬ Be very kind & humble (*without an exception). 

¬ Always have a control on your emotions. Never act in haste. Take your time & then act. 

¬ Work hard 24*7. Let no stone be unturned for the things you believe in. 

Regrets often stem out from “things we could do but we didn’t because it involved some risks, coming out of the comfort zone, beating procrastination, etc. 

So, be ready to give your best 24*7. It is not only the best way to minimise regrets in our lives but also the best utilisation of our limited time on Earth. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

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