How to identify dark horses around you? 

How to identify dark horses around you? 

In the present age, when we give far too importance to people who graduate from top engineering & management colleges, we often fail to identify the dark horses in real-life. 
Dark horses in real-life are people with below characteristics:

¬ are confident : irrespective of thier college, family background, financial status, etc., they remain confident & show immense faith in their capabilities. 

¬ very positive: usually are unmoved by criticisms, negative comments/feedbacks, etc. They continue to work with same passion & dedicated. For them, nothing is a wet blanket. 

¬ attitude : are willing to work-hard till the last breath for the fulfillment of their dreams. Dedication & passion is visible in their style-of-working. When compared to others, they hold very positive & unique perspective towards life. 

Above all, something “intrinsic” is the source of their motivation which never fades. Hence, they are able to achieve better results over time. 


> irrespective of the results, they keep on going against all the odds

> they never settle for anything less than “they aim for”

> they are in mission-mode to deliver results

> they don’t rest longer than required

> they focus exclusively on their actions

Their way of life is different from others, they have a very clear picture of their purpose in mind. They show the ability to go to any extreme to make their purpose a reality.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


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