How to get someone work for you? 

How to get someone work for you? 

It is very simple. You work for people then people work for you.

# First help 100%. 

Before you start receiving anything, you have to “give a lot”. A good person will always reciprocate. You can move away from people who don’t reciprocate.

Remember, no one will stand for you until you would have stood for them. 

# Well-treatment (*all the time). 

People are usually able to distinguish between “when you treat them well”  & “when you treat them well for an immediate profit or need/advantage”. So, being good sometimes, gives rise to suspicion. You have to commit yourself to treat others well 100% of the time. 

This involves:

¬ listening to them patiently.  

¬ Giving back what you receive. 

¬ Offering breakfast, lunch, refreshment & dinner depending upon the time. 

 ¬ always talk about common good things & avoid everything else until it is very necessary. 

¬ show genuine interest in people (else you will not be able to “seek help from right person at right time). You should always know whom to contact & when. It is only possible when you take genuine interest in people around you.

When money doesn’t works, then only thing that can work for you us” your reputation” & “goodwill”. 

How people can out of debt? They borrow interest free money from close friends. This is only possible when you have a goodwill in the market. Else, you will always be subject to suspicion ~ your ideas, goals & actions. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

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