One person whom you cannot afford to not to follow on fb? 

One person whom you cannot afford to not to follow on fb? 

He is none other than the founder of FreeCharge, Kunal Shah. He defines himself as a person who is passionately curious & addicted to insights. You will believe in it 100% once you follow him or even after having a cursory look over his profile. 

He keeps on posting insightful posts. Not only that, he even replies to the comments. He is eager to learn, correct you via improving your comments, etc. 

Why you should follow him? 

>> you will be updated on most insightful posts. He keeps thinking & reads a lot. So, will be beneficial to you if you do a little Google research to find out “the basis for his posts”. 

>> In the above post, he makes a very valid point that “path of least resistance” should not be always appreciated. Overconfidence can ruin you. What is easily available, is most likely to be known to the majority. 

##What you need to do?

You need to follow folks from all around the world (*who post things beyond motivational quotes). They could be Business leaders, Professors of History, Political Science, Management, etc. 

Analyse their posts with an intent to learn. Think like, “Agar Ye Banda/Bandi Koi Baat Keh Raha Hai Toh, Solid Baat Hai, Par Kyun, Let me find it”.

By doing this you will grow exponentially. 

As Kunal suggests, in one of the comments, 

Hope you got the point. Cheers*

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


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