Life lessons @ IT Sector. 

Life lessons @ IT Sector. 

This blog post is based on real hard experience @IT Sector. It offers us the lessons that we cannot ignore to learn if we want to succeed in IT Sector. 

Source for the screenshots is LinkedIn. 

So, this guy, graduated from one of the top engineering college of the country.  His branch was ECE. Worked in EY for 3 months as a Data Analyst & after completion of 3 months was not offered any job. So, he began looking for job & it is May, 2017 now. A year since March, 2016.

>> Market is governed by the Law of Demand & Supply. A company will usually prefer an employee who possess the right skill & can contribute to the company in a better capacity in the minimum salary drawn. A company will hesitate to terminate an employee who has worked for years. So, you have to give your best in initial years. 100% commitment. 

>> You must be ready for the worse. Private sector is highly unpredictable. Due to infusion of myriad technologies each day, few companies lose out in competition. Hence, become uncompetitive which ultimately leads to shutting it down. 

So, you have to very careful from day one of your career in IT Sector. 

What you can do? 

> Acquire some skills & try freelancing based on those skills. Don’t care about the rates initially. Just focus on “building connections”. Each connection will lead to another. Connections will be vital in the long run. You have to know people from other industries as well. 

> You should have a good LinkedIn profile. Invite connections to meet over a cup of coffee once in a while (*it is worth the efforts and money). Get to know them personally. Learn from their life & about their job & yes the industry they are in. 

>> Get over the past achievements. 

No one is really interested in your past until you make it big in your life. Gloomy present speaks it all. Everyone is interested in your present & not in your glorious past. So, untie yourself from the “past”. Focus on present & design a better future. 

>> Never assume that you are there!

Life is very tricky. When you assume yourself to be successful & start to live well within your comfort zone, you fail miserably. So, to realise one’s dream, it is a constant battle. Keep fighting! 

>> Keep learning. 

To sustain in IT Sector, you have to STAY RELEVANT. So, you cannot afford to sit back & relax. The best thing you can do for your career is to keep learning. 

You must learn in a way that you can start your own company in near future. That’s the only way to stay relevant plus to start up. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav

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