Why you must have few non-romantic relationships in life? 

Why you must have few non-romantic relationships in life?

In romantic relationships you have to devote some time each day or at least as frequently as possible. It is the requirement of the relationships that you have to keep communicating back & forth. So, romantic relationships are very time consuming. 

:: Guidance ::

You can get expert guidance from non-romantic relationships which is not possible in case of romantic relationships. A person in love with you will always give a biased opinion. So, there is very less scope to rectify your mistakes as feedback itself is faulty. 

:: Time ::

If relationship is purely based on respect then it will continue to exist even if you don’t see that person very often. If you workaholic then you must cultivate relationships that are based on mutual respect & care.

:: Brother /Sister ::

If you can get someone from your college who could play the role of big brother/sister in your life then nothing could be better than that. You will not need to spend much of your time on relationship but it will flourish with time as the trust grows. You just have to take care of the “trust-factor”. As long as people trust you, somehow relationship will keep on going. Problems start only when trust in the relationship diminishes. 

:: Easy ::

Non-romantic relationships are easy to maintain. You may not find much difficulty even continuing it till the end of your life. The reason being, expectations are very less. The more the expectations, the harder it becomes to keep the other person happy being in relationships. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav



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