How to groom your personality?

How to groom your personality?

It has been validated by many renowned researches that “personality can be groomed through training”. Personality development is a life-long process. So, the best method is by self-training.

□ Empathy.

Most of us do not show considerable empathy in personality. The only way to develop this trait is by “putting yourself in other’s shoe & imagining their lives”. Life may be a mild struggle for you but for some it might be extremely hard.

To develop this trait:

~ Watch documentaries on social & economical evils/issues like poverty, dowry, caste system, prostitution, human trafficking, etc.

~ Imagine yourself stripped of Education & property you own. Now, the trauma you experience is exactly the daily-life scenario of the people in the lower strata of the society.

~ Always remember, life is a constant struggle. More so at the bottom.

□ “Burning Desire” to do something.

Life-long “Burning Desire” can only come from “realisation” of the problems in the society. When we look at the problems of the society & can truly feel it or become the victim of the system of the society then we tend to develop a vision. It is only then we realise that “only our efforts can bring some change”. Why some change? Because for big changes we require more hands. We require more people to be part of our mission.

Just as when we go on from one failure to another but we refuse to give up then what comes into picture is the burning desire to succeed. It keeps us going irrespective of the troubles/risks/pains.

□ Developing a vision.

Have you ever noticed that all people with pleasing personality have a vision? We instantly begin to admire a person who is visionary.

But the real question is how to become a visionary?

~ Read a lot. Read good books & magazine. Doubt them. Examine them critically. Try to find out why, how & where.

~ Read about great leaders & their thoughts.

~ Try to predict future. Based on History it can be predicted in which direction the society is headed to. You need not to be right all the times but your predictions must be supported by facts, thoughts & assumptions.

Above all, be patient  (one of the most sought after personality trait) as it will take time to polish your personality. It is not going to be overnight. Try & try again.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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