Why you shouldn’t care about people who hurt you?

Why you shouldn’t care about people who hurt you?

Because you can always replace people. Why should you remain with people who hurt you?

□ Move on: you can always find better people. Life is big, so, you have lots of time to meet better human beings. Discard not-so-good people from your life.

□ Few Good People: you don’t require thousands of friends to lead a happy life. You just require “few good & caring friends” who can stand with you in times of crisis.

□ First be exceptional: you will not receive any support if if you don’t help others. Giving back is receiving. See yourself as service-oriented person & you will undoubtedly will receive lots of love & affection back from people.

□ Deserving is the condition: when you are phenomenal then you should associate only with deserving people. Your time is very previous, so, how can it be worth spending with crooks?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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