How to perform exceptionally well at FGIET?

How to perform exceptionally well at FGIET?

Whenever you feel low, you can go to Polytechnic ground.

FGIET is not a very old institution & hence it is in the transition phase. I would define FGIET as an institution in the making & will surely be one of the best colleges in the country owing to its alumni (will touch on this again at the end of this post, be patient!).

Undoubtedly, the infrastructure is not at par with other colleges, few of the faculties don’t teach well, ….if we go on counting the problems, there are many.

Recently I visited the college to collect my degree (owing to my interview of AAI ATC on 27th March 2017) & found the new white block in place. It was a sight of relief. Library has been upgraded  (*much better than our times).

When I entered in college (2012), I realised that it was a self-financed institute (& sometimes used to get funds from govt.). So, it mainly runs on the fee that we pay. That way it is clear that administration of the fgiet has to be responsible to its students (& believe me they are!).

In the first week of our college, one Sir came to greet us in the classroom & he wrote his mobile number & Director Sir’s number on the blackboard & told us that he & Director Sir were available to us 24×7 in case of any need & assistance.

I noted down the number of Director Sir & later on saved it in my contact list.

□ In the first semester, my roommate had to visit his hometown due to an emergency & warden Sir was not allowing him & asked him to get the permission from the Director Sir. I was suddenly reminded about that day. I called on Director Sir’s number & told him the problem. He said, come to my home & get it signed. Then I had sent my roomie with the application & it was signed by him & therefore he was allowed to leave to his hometown.

□ Warden Sir used to come to our Hostel at late nights & would call all of us & would shout. It was around 11: 45 pm. I was of the opinion that “enough is enough” as he said, “tum sab se acchi toh vaishyaain hoti hai” which translates to English as “even prostitutes are better than you all”. He further justified his stand by saying that prostitutes perform their duty with utmost dedication.

So, I made a call to Director Sir at late night & he picked it up. Without disclosing my name I said that I’m not going to tolerate such behaviour & would file an FIR if he repeats such a behaviour. Since that day for a week warden Sir didn’t entered into the Hostel & after that there was no repetition of such behaviour by him.

Further I would like to add that warden Sir was undoubtedly supportive, caring & helpful but the only problem with him was that he was of the opinion of using violence “for what he believed in”. He did gave money to many students to buy black shoe, tie, etc.

Later in life, I learned that one should not take things personally (*as when warden Sir was saying something, he was referring to all the hostel-dwellers & not personally to me).

□ It was the 3rd semester, when I topped the ECE department with highest external marks. “External Topper” was a term used to refer to me. Some used to call it luck by chance, some believed it was the result of hardwork & many never gave a thought to it. But since I didn’t believed in marks so I chose a very different path for myself later on. Due to this single event of my life (“External Topper”), many faculties used to support me & give me good internals.

□ I wanted to get my section changed from EC-A to EC- B due to personal reasons  (*I didn’t knew if it were possible but met the Director Sir & he agreed). Soon, I was transferred to EC-B. It marked a beginning of new phase in my life.

□ I soon found that the lateral-entry students were looked down upon by others. It was totally wrong. To be brutally honest, I found all the lateral-entry students to be more helpful, supportive & caring than others {kindly stop this shit with them}.

I got all the support & love from the FGIET administration. Not only that, many faculties also used to support me full-heartedly in all my endeavours.

So, I would like you to re-focus on what best you can do while being at FGIET. Ultimately, FGIET is nothing but a group of people ~ administration, faculties& students. How this group can function the best? Certainly not without cooperation.

Now getting back to “why fgiet will soon figure out on top India’s Engineering college’s map soon” is because of its alumni.

The interview on 27th March:

Board B-3:

Anita Sharma Ma’am

Deeksha Gupta Ma’am

Sakshi Panchal

Amit Yadav

We all were from FGIET. During voice test, the candidate before me (one candidate has to wait outside the room for his turn & the conversations inside are loud enough that you can listen to them) said in his introduction that he did his B. Tech from FGIET in ECE & was presently working as Assistant Teacher at Rae Bareli. Then the one of the panelist got angry. He said, why there are so many students from FGIET? It was an All India Exam & it indicates to some sort of cheating.

Come on, I felt proud. Nothing could be a better compliment. The performance of the FGIET was so exceptional that it made one of the panelist to believe that it was the result cheating!

Later on conversing with that candidate I got to know that he was our senior  (2010 pass-out).

A quick guide on what to do at FGIET:

~ You are a part of Dr APJ AKTU fraternity. So, your graduation marks won’t help you much in your life ahead. Take some risk. Attend the lectures of faculties that you like, rest you can skip. Some marks deducted here & there won’t change the path of your life.

~ In my time, there were students who were studious & were serious about career since 2nd year. Find them & be with them. Of course, you need not to enjoy with them & for enjoyment you can associate yourself to a different group. But being in company of a studios group will help you to a great extent.

~ Start Early. I wanted to make a career in writing industry so started working for it since 2014. Remember, no one can beat a person who never gives up. I have improved my writing skills since then. I feel confident in expressing myself. So, choose one thing & go after it like a crazy person.

~ You will meet many self-centred & egoistic people. Forgive them. Probably, that’s the only way out. Focus on MASSIVE SUCCESS.

~ Engage more. Go out, discover & know others. No matter wherever you go, you will find people. So, better you “learn” how to get things done as a team. If you could get exceptional at that, you will be successful in life, for sure.

I find life to be the best teacher. Your presence at FGIET is for 4 years, try to make it memorable. More than money you are giving 4 years of your time here. Ensure it to be a great experience here at FGIET.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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