Review of “How Roland Rolls” by Jim Carrey.

Review of “How Roland Rolls” by Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey needs no introduction. His creation “How Roland Rolls” is marvelous. It’s very creative & the story deals with Roland~ a wave.

Roland is scared of coasts as he was told that waves end up as they hit the coasts just the same way as we all are scared of something or the other thing in life because we were told to be. Roland meets Shimmer. Life takes a positive turn. Love seems to envelope them.

But then….

Their fear becomes real. Yes, the coast. ..

What shall happen next?

Will Roland keep rolling?

Will the life of Roland & Shimmer will end?

To know more, buy your copy of “How Roland Rolls” from the link below:

The story is about separation, loneliness & magic.
□ Life Lessons:

~ If you keep rolling, you will get what you want, your dreams & goals will be fulfilled.

To quote from “How Roland Rolls”

If you think you are just one little wave……you’re just wrong”

“How Roland Rolls” ends with a very inspiring message which you cannot afford to miss.

□ What I liked about “How Roland Rolls”:

~ the positive & inspiring message

~ quick-read

~ illustrations are really phenomenal

□ What I didn’t liked:

It’s expensive priced close to 700 INR.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav

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