Do not cling to what comes easily.

Do not cling to what comes easily.

Dreams are never easy. To be successful in life is hard. To be happy in life is harder. So, for something better you always have to sacrifice what is easy. Only then you achieve what is “unbelievable”.

Most often people cling to easy things. They don’t go out of their comfort zones & hence never discover what was possible for them. The only way to fulfil your dreams is by not clinging to what comes easily to you.

Remember, good is enemy of great.

~ Job : you need to do a job that is challenging. Many people get a job, quite easily & hence get stuck in it. They don’t try hard for better opportunities.

~ Relationships : most people don’t put efforts in cultivating relationships. So, they have relationships which are of kind “easy come, easy go”.

~ Goals: there is no fun in setting a very easy goal & achieving it. Easy goals don’t motivate us. They fail to produce spark in us. Hence, doing easy is running the risk of losing out on our dreams.

Stop doing what’s easy. Switch to hard things in life. Life will become easier with each passing day. It will become lighter & you will start enjoying it.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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