Mother is an asset.

Mother is an asset.

We value money. We work-hard for it. Sometimes even 14-16 hours per day. Often in the mad race to mint money & get famous we neglect someone very close to us. Someone who cares for us. Someone who is an epitome of selfless love & sacrifice. She is the one who brought us into this world.

We shall remain indebted to her for everything she did for us. But let’s take a pledge to be a reason for a smile on her face.

□ When she is Alive.

She takes care of you selflessly. She is your best emotional support. Her presence empowers you.

Whenever we are tired, devoid of motivation & helpless; she is the one to whom we approach for solace. Isn’t it magical that she cannot change things for us but her presence gives us power to stand again. When her magical words, “Beta, give it a one more try” strikes our ears, we become ready to take up all the challenges.

□ When in memories.

Even when she is gone, her memories remain vivid & guides us. Her words still give us the strength to face devastating situations with firmness.

By the end of life, when you will look back, you will find “your mother was the biggest asset you had”. It was not money, fame & luxury.

So, never forget to give her the time & attention she deserves while she is alive.

Sacrifice money, wealth & luxury but not her.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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