What is inevitable in future?

What is inevitable in future?

□ All members of the family will work. 

Everyone wants to grab the best of the best opportunities. Everyone wants to fulfill his/her desires & aspirations. Fulfillment invariably requires resources at disposal. Also, the material basic needs are getting expensive with each passing day be it house, car, clothing, food, etc.

So, contrary to the past when it was the responsibility of the single-member in the family to take care of all other members, now, due to inflation & burden on limited resources, all members of the family will have to work.

□ Still, may not be sufficient.

Though all the members of the family may work but the total income of the family still may not be sufficient to meet the desires & aspirations of the individual members.

It was the demand of the time that joint family changed into the nuclear family. Now, the time has come for “individual earning, individual spending” even in the nuclear families. 

□ Life will be hard.

Only few will be able to get out of the trap because “starting line gap” in near future will see increasing trend & then the gap will become so huge that only few will dare to attempt to bridge the gap.

In future, hard work is inevitable. More than that the challenge would be to stay relevant. Only hard work cannot ensure success, you have to be remain “with time”.

Challenges will be more on relationship & health fronts but the only way to balance life is through hard work with a vision.

□ Time will be an issue. 

I think it is understandable by all unanimously. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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