How to keep the group alive?

How to keep the group alive?

The most vital thing for a group to continue is its value & vision. The group ceases to exist if the values of the group are violated. 

What one thing that can never be downgraded in case of a group is the contribution of individual members. 

□ Throw out.

If you want that the group keeps on growing & functioning then you have to ensure just one thing~ “throwing out of the group the members who are non-performing”.

At times, the existence of the group will be threatened. In those cases sacrifices will be needed on part of the individual members of the group. Those who shy away from making genuine sacrifices should be thrown out from the group in near future. 

Also, keep a track of individuals who show unwillingness to carry forward the legacy of the group. Watch out for group members who don’t share the same values as that of the group because their presence in the long run is detrimental to the growth of the group.

Remember, sacrifice is a must for a group to exist & keep it running.

□ Reward.

The work & contribution of the individuals should be recognised. They must be appreciated & there must be a system of incentives to them. It will motivate them to keep working hard for what the group stands for.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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