How to prepare a future reading list?

How to prepare a future reading list?

Suppose you are an employee in an MNC but you wish to start your own company in future, let’s say 5 years from now.

How to do that? You first need to acquire the basic know how of the industry & then research for the market conditions for your product. 

While Googling you will come across many good articles but the problem could be:

~ they might be too technical & hence uncomprehensible to you

~ lengthy & you cannot afford to give 20 minutes of your time right now

The good approach could be to use “Pocket App” & save the article for reading it later on.

It also allows you to:

~ save article

~ video links

Benefits : within a year you will have a very comprehensive list of articles & videos to refer to. This will ensure that you know “what to read” when you have time. Else you will keep on browsing from one website to another without learning anything significantly.

My reading list looks like:

I also save articles which I would like to read again because some articles are worth reading again!

P.S. Your future reading list should be inclined to your long-term goal.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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