Life lessons I learned from my alma mater FGIET.

Life lessons I learned from my alma mater FGIET.

#1. समय समय की बात है।

It was 7th sem. when placements began in FGIET. Many joined VIVO Mobiles India as an intern. The pay was good as an intern.

Parody : many started considering them above others and saw those struggling for a job as inferior. Time passed & it changed everything. Most who joined as an intern didn’t found it much attractive to remain in VIVO Mobiles India & hence left. Today, they too are struggling for better opportunities. It has been rightly said, “time is very powerful”.

Life Lesson: life is a sinusoidal curve. Don’t disrespect anyone in their downs. 

#2. Private Sector.

Many got into IT Sector & other reputed MNCs through placements. Few were over “joyed” by their success & engaged in putting others down.

Parody: Now, when they see folks from the same institute with same intelligence & calibre qualifying reputed exams ~ they think “may be if we would have took the risk और एक फाईट मारते तो अपना भी हो जाता”।

Life Lesson: Success is relative. Someone will always do better than you. Accept this painful truth. 

Life is very BIG so decisions must be based upon one’s weaknesses & strengths. Success will automatically come to you when you choose the best option available based upon your core competencies.

#3. M. Tech from IITs/NITs.

Few chose to go for post graduation from IITs & NITs. Not all but few of them thought “they are at the top of the world” & have out-beaten everyone in competition. 

Parody: This time due to large no. of BSNL JTO vacancies, it is possible to get into IITs & NITs with even less marks in GATE 2017 compared to previous years. 

Life Lesson: Life is an equaliser. It gives opportunities to all. So, never think that you seized the best opportunity. Observe closely your life & of others, you will easily understand the point I’m trying to make.

□ I was perhaps the most ridiculed personality in college. People thought he is neither preparing for GATE/IES nor for UPSC/State PSC/SSC, on top of that shows no inclination for Private sector jobs & is wasting time on blogging. Projections were “he will suffer a lot”.

□ I never much listened to those voices much because I knew “the day you succeed in life people say ~ मुझे तो पहले से ही पता था He Will”. If just one moderate success can change opinions of others towards you then why trust their voices over your own inner-voice?

Let it be loud & clear ~ your inner-voice. It knows for what you are meant & where you have to go.

So, trust your inner – voice.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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