How to get an expert advice for free?

How to get an expert advice for free?

One problem that is faced by the youths from semi-urban & rural backgrounds is “lack of information” & “professional advice & guidance”. They neither have requisite connections nor have the resources at their disposal to avail the professional guidance.

One very simple hack is:

□ Use Quora.

Now, almost people from all professions are active on Quora. If you wish to know or wish to understand the functionalities of “anything” then just search for an expert on Quora related to that field.

> Your Homework.

Follow him/her on Quora. Read all the answers written by him/her.

In most cases, your queries will get resolved by simply referring to the already answered questions. 

If not, then request an answer for your question. In most cases, your queries will be answered. 

Don’t forget to thank that person  (*because he/she took the pain to go through your query & answer it with his/her expertise in the field).

Example: if you want to learn in detail about FIR or about DP, then follow one of the most viewed writer in “FIR” or “DP”:

□ Advantages:

~ In most cases the writers are veterans/working professionals with huge exposure & experience so the advice rendered would be really helpful. 

~ They are well versed with the current happenings (as they are directly related to the field) & hence can be more useful than books (updation is not a very regular phenomenon plus books don’t tell you what you want to know exactly it tells you only about what “authors think should to be known to you”).

~ For day-to-day life, Quora can be very significant for you to excel in life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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