5 ways to build social capital.

5 ways to build social capital.

□ Be Awesome.

Be awesome to others. Never disrespect genuinely good people. If you did something wrong consciously or unconsciously then do not hesitate to apologise.

It helps in building a good reputation & good-will in the society.

□ Don’t charge.

If you are a professional then you can choose not to charge sometimes. Do so when you feel the other party is genuine & has been the worst-sufferer. It helps in creating a positive vibe in the world & the humanity gets strengthened.

This is very much possible for Doctors, Lawyers, CAs & Engineers (*in limited cases).

You can decide to charge 80% of the time. The left 20%, when you don’t charge will help in building social capital.

Social capital is vital in the long-term because you too will have your ups & downs. It is most likely that those 20% of the people will ensure your smooth passage from crisis to good times.

□ Reciprocity is a reality.

People like to reciprocate. We all feel inclined to give back what we receive. It may not be much visible in metro cities but you can experience it very well in sub-urban & rural areas.

□ Help others at personal-level.

This entails no risk. You can help through your knowledge, expertise & experience. It may just involve your time, efforts & some bucks.

The end result is your profit because in an attempt to help others you gain an invaluable experience. In the process you will meet many people, will learn many hacks to get things done, etc. which will act as an asset for you in life ahead.

□ Be available.

Be within reach. You must always have the time to meet good people. You can ignore crooks deliberately. Be also open to volunteership, charity, etc. Your contribution to society matters a lot once you are successful.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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