Life lessons: 24 hours credited in your account.

Life lessons: 24 hours credited in your account.

Time is very precious. Yet we waste it as if we are going to live for thousands of years.

We value money very much. We try to save even pennies by limiting our talks over phone. We manage money but usually miss to manage time & in the long run our life.

The best way to remind yourself of the importance of time is by setting a morning alarm with note: 

“24 hours credited in your account”.

We get excited when we receive a message, “…..INR credited to your account” of salary, royalty, services rendered, etc. Can’t we get excited about 24 hours credited each day into our life account? 

If we can be reminded about it each day via a morning alarm or through any other way then we can remain more conscious about our time. Thus, enabling us to be more productive & work-centric.

□ Value time & spend money.

> If you are hard-working, progressive & dynamic then you should spend money to save time. Just make sure that you spend the time saved productively. I think you will because you know you have paid to save your time.

So, what are your plans for next 24 hours that will be credited into your life?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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