How to quickly stand out from majority in today’s time?

How to quickly stand out from majority in today’s time?

This is the age of Mass Culture i.e. our values & ideas are result of our common exposure to same media, news sources, etc. But you need not to believe “what is being thrown at you”.

You need to discover & wear your own opinion. You need to be different & it will be visible in “the way you think, act & respond”.

It is actually a good news for you.

Most people are reading the WhatsApp forward & Fb posts & are unable to unearth the truth behind it.

It is very easy to stand out from the majority, you just need to:

□ Read from standard & reliable sources.

~ If you want to know & understand Gandhi read his Autobiography, not once but twice. Then search for articles that critically analyse his autobiography. That will help immensely.

~ If you want to understand History, read books by Historians  (at least refer two books on same subject) & not listen to any naysayers.

Besides reading, also try to relate things of the present to past scenario. You may even be able to predict “possible future” then.

□ Travel & Ponder.

Travelling can be a life-changing experience. Ponder over what you see, hear, smell & feel. You will be able to understand the world better.

Every city, its people convey something ~ that’s what you have to understand. Travelling is more about understanding than taking selfies & pics.

It is more about holding conversations with native people than relaxing. 

Only by active interaction you will be able to know the essence of life.

No doubt, people used to take up the difficult task to travel the whole of India in order to “gain true knowledge” which encompassed meeting other highly learned Gurus & experiencing the rich cultural & heritage of India which opened the mind for new ideas.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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