Money without hardwork ruins.

​Money without hardwork ruins.

Sometimes family/relatives/friends will offer you money out of their affection & love for you. But once you are adult, you should never accept it.

Always decline such requests politely  by saying, “it is not needed”.

□ No long-term incentives.

You will spend it lavishly without thinking. It will be gone in partying without giving out any future returns to you.

□ No Learning.

When we work-hard for something, it invariably leads to some form of learnings. However, in this case, there is no learning. Hence, not very good idea for future.

□ Money ruins.

One may begin to look for such opportunities in order to fulfill one’s desires. I have seen it getting converted into habit, where one starts demanding it.

It may soon take horrendous form & may also get reflected in other aspects of our lives.

So, beware of such things!

Accept only what you work-hard for, rest decline politely.

Life is big & one bad habit may ruin you completely. We tend to avoid hard-work when we can find ways to earn money easily. But in the long run, it is dangerous.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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