Why fulfillment of my dreams is the only option I have?

Why fulfillment of my dreams is the only option I have?

Life is awesome when one is allowed to chase one’s dream. No day is alike then. Each day brings new excitement, fun, challenges & disappointments.

□ I rarely watch movies, T.V., etc. The only thing I like is Reading, Learning & Thinking. So, I do that most of the time. Very interestingly, these activities have a direct correlation with my dreams.

## Few Good Friends.

I was fortunate that I got surrounded with few great friends. So, I spend time with them to refresh & have some fun.

Rest of the time, I focus on my dreams.

## Socialize.

I usually don’t interact or talk much with people who are conservative. A person has to be upward-mobile, hard-working, open-minded & self-motivated to deserve my attention, support or guidance.

Gladly such people are very rare. So, helping others don’t demand much efforts from my side. Hence, more time to chase my dreams.

## No Girlfriend.

This is bliss. You can work on your dreams 24×7. Having a Girlfriend adds up some responsibility to you. If one is committed then the dreams have to be “common” or “shared”.

## Supporting Family.

Family is the core strength of mine. Family members push me hard to perform better. We all are emotionally knit. 

P.S. I only lack some of the resources but I always knew that that is not going to be a hindrance to follow my dreams because:

□ 1.  I’m hard-working & self-motivated 

□ 2. I have all the “time” & “support”.

All in all, the situations are favourable & ripe for me to take the lead.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav



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