The best way to reduce your wants?

The best way to reduce your wants?

@ Do what you love to do @

Our wants are few when we are happy. Everything looks pretty when happiness finds place in our inner-world. How we feel changes our external realities. 

Doing what you love to do is a great way to enjoy life to the fullest with minimum resources. It helps to trim down your wants.

□ You don’t need anything external to be happy like going out for a movie, watching T.V. or eating in order to overcome sadness.

Result: Time & Money Saved.

□ You don’t need to look great/cool 》Once you are successful, it matters very little “how you dress up” as long as “you show up”. That is you don’t require fancy & expensive wardrobe in order to be successful. Once you are successful, society will accept you the way you are!

Result: Time & Money saved.

□ You don’t need to show-off. You become comfortable in your own skin. That is the beauty ~ we feel lively when we get to do what we are passionate about.

Result: Peace & Better Outcomes.

□ You don’t need to strike a balance in life. Work, heath & relationships go hand in hand.

□ You will experience great satisfaction in life. This will lead to more enjoyment without “spending any single penny”.

Remember, our wants are few. They increase over time because we force ourselves to “do what we hate”. We also lose touch with our inner-self in mad race to accumulate luxuries in life. However, we can still live happily with oue “few wants met” as long as we do what we love to do.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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