How to keep your life simple on relationship front?

How to keep your life simple on relationship front?

Two easy hacks to keep & maintain relationships intact:

#1. Best of the Best.

Life is really small. Raise your standards when it comes to relationships. Help a lot. Give back a lot. But if silence persists for a long time (i.e. no sense of giving-back) ~ get out & move away. You cannot afford to live with wrong people who may just see you as a means to get their work done.

Don’t spend time with people who don’t deserve you. See yourself as service provider ~ security, help, support, entertainment & emotional backing. We all do this in relationships.

If you are the best of the best, you deserve best of the best.

Don’t settle! Keep on looking for good & generous people, yes they exist@@

#2. Long-term.

Look for relationships that could be long-term. Because relationships are like wine & they only get better with time.

Undoubtedly, they require time, care & affection periodically but it is all worth-the-time.

Now, clubbing point 1 & 2, 

“Great people over long period of time can revolutionise your life”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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