“Yes” is the answer you are looking for.

“Yes” is the answer you are looking for.

We all are looking for some “answers”. The questions might be hard but in most cases the answer we need is “Yes”.

□ I’m 27 year old & working in IT Sector. Should I appear for UPSC?

Yes, why not?

□ I’m 40 years old. Should I follow my dreams at this age?

Yes, why not?

□ I’m 48 & broke. Will I be able to achieve my dreams?

Yes, why not?

I’m 22 & single. Should I start looking for my life- partner?

Yes, why not?

□ I’m 29. Should I take risk to follow my dreams.

Yes, why not?

Observe carefully. Yes, why not? is the answer you are looking for. Be it your fighting for your dreams, taking calculated risks, giving a fresh try to something ~ yes, why not is the answer. 

The only thing to be taken into account is that “you MUST have full-faith” in yourself. 

We ask too many questions because we lack the self-confidence & determination required to take “bold decisions”.

So, stop doubting yourself. Work-hard & be persistent. Even after repeated failures, the answer should be “Yes, why not?”.

P.S. Never ignore inner-voice. Sometimes, it is very loud & clear but still we do not attend it because we are afraid to believe in ourselves & our dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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