Why magic is not happening in your life?

Why magic is not happening in your life?

#.1. Comfort Zone.

We easily become complacent in life. Usually after first moderate success, majority of the people stop putting efforts for the dreams. Slowly & gradually we limit ourselves in our comfort zone. Hence, we lose the excitement & fun in life. It becomes boring & monotonous. 

□ We don’t try a cuisine unheard of while dining in a restaurant.

□ We don’t “do something” that would look weird to others.

□ We tend to not to laugh, smile or giggle.

We lose touch with our inner-self.

Fun & excitement lies beyond your comfort zone.

#.2. Dreams are Possible.

With passage of time, we tend to believe more in what others say~ dreams are not possible than our inner-self.

We don’t have anything worth fighting for. Dreams always have this power to keep us lively, young & energetic.

So, magic can happen only when you work hard with a pure heart.

#.3. Live your Life.

It is never too late. Follow your passion. Re-start doing things that make you feel lively. Your time is limited. So, it needs to be cherished. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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