Calculate the “possible growth”.

Calculate the “possible growth”.

To be extremely successful in life, you have to work hard for areas where “possible growth” is HIGH.

#.1. Career.

You should avoid being in an industry where after few years, growth opportunities are scarce. You will reach a dead end & stagnation will prevail. Instead, work in an industry which is new, dynamic & growing. It will take you very far in life from the starting point.

#.2. Relationships.

Invest time only in those relationships in which “possible growth” is exceptional. For example, 

Girlfriend becoming Wife

Friend becoming Lifelong friend


Male friend becoming brother

Female friend becoming sister


Customer/Client/Investor becoming friend.


Friend becoming Partner in business.

Else, it is a mere waste of time. Think long-term. Why even talk to anyone you don’t like, for the saks of formalities? Ridiculous.

#.3. Life.

In life also the growth needs to be at least linear if not exponential.

With each passing day:

□ Your knowledge & wisdom should increase.

□ Your understanding of life should also increase.

□ You should feel more happy & contended.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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