5 reasons why sacrificing 30 years of your life will really make you great?

5 reasons why sacrificing 30 years of your life will really make you great?

##1. Very Long-term.

Most people achieve success in life but still fail because their success is not sustainable. If you will think about next 2-3 years, what you achieve will be lost in next few years. But if you work-hard for 30 years~ your success will be very solid. Quick replacement is not possible. 

##2. Dreams are BIG.

Dreams often seem impossible because we are looking for their fulfilment in next few years. No matter how big your dreams might be, they will become possible if you work for them for next 30 years religiously  (* untrue only if you are expecting some BIG social or technological changes).

##3. Next Life.

Our efforts in the present allows the coming generations to reap its benefits in the future. So, we should even pursue the dreams that may even take our whole life & yet still may remain unfulfilled.

##4. No competition.

If you decide to work-hard for long-term then you can easily come out of the mad race. There is no competition in the long-term.

Look around yourself & find people who wish to work for more than next 2-3 years?

Not many. That’s a good news for you.

##5. Exceptional Results.

No matter in which field you chose to work in, likelihood of your success is very high. So, you can remain confident that you have lot of time to:

□ re-start start,

□ make a new strategy,

□ fail & experiment,

□ rise again,

□ attempt something impossible,

□ give wings to your dreams. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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