What allows me to take massive risks?

What allows me to take massive risks?

When I have to make a decision that has an element of high-risk, I close my eyes & try to ponder over “the worst-case-scenario”.

Then I think, even if that were to take place & I lose everything:

□ I’ll re-start again. So long as this life exists, you must chase something. Nothing is chasing worth enough than your dreams. 

□ I’ll go to the extremes. It may mean working twice hard as present. It may also require to sacrifice somethings. In case things go wrong,  I convince myself to take the responsibility of them & work to bring the situation back to normalcy. 

Jim Carrey.

It becomes very easy to take risks in life if we understand:

• Everyone is working hard in life for better opportunities.

• Everyone has not been provided with the equal facilities & opportunities to develop. So, you must always put your best efforts in whatever resources you hold.

• Failures are inevitable. So, don’t hide yourself behind a success. It is a very common practice to stop taking risks once one is settled with career. It limits you to the boundaries of your comfort zone.

As Jim Carrey says very aptly, “Risk being seen in all of your glory”.

The more intellectually we rise, more comfortably we would be able to take risks.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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