Why you can succeed easily in real-life?

Why you can succeed easily in real-life?

Because life is BIG. Here things are complex. Solutions to our problems are not easy.

“The person you trust the most may kill you brutally”.

Welcome to real world! 
-Er. Amit Yadav

Time levels the battlefield of life. It is difficult to have a sustained success based on your History (family background, degree, previous job, connections, etc.)

That is in the long run, the things the world is chasing becomes redundant. Stop! Why then be a part of mad race?

Hence, the people who succeed in real-life:
Work with a vision.  (*slow & steady wins the race)

Life is a marathon. The victorious are the ones who “keep trying” over a long period of time. 

In the long term, impossible seems achievable. Hence, to achieve something big work each day & for long period of time. Short-term solutions create more problems than do they solve.

□ Have a pleasing Personality.

Personality plays a vital role in success in life. It is multi-dimensional. It includes your attitude, knowledge, communication style, etc.

So, develop understanding of the world. It will help you wherever you go.

Personality may not get groomed by going to the best of the colleges. It is also shaped by knowledge, wisdom, travelling, reading, thinking, etc. So, give yourself time to think.

Fail & Rise.

Fail Early and Fail Fast. Most people live life on the principle:

• they will invest when they will have money, 

• they will do something “when the time is right” & hence in their 60-65 years of their lifespan ~ they don’t do anything because life is tough & right time never came.

So, fail early & fail often because only then you get to know “how wrong you were” else you will keep thinking that “you knew what would work” which is ridiculous.


All get people worked till the end of their life. What is that that allows you to procrastinate & rest when you are just in 20s/30s/40s/50s?

Fight for your dreams till the end! No one can fail in life because life is BIG. It gives you as many opportunities as you wish to take to succeed. The real problem is that we give up very early

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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