When is the time to gamble in life?

When is the time to gamble in life?

Life is a Gamble.

## First 7 years in the job.

First five years in the job are crucial. This is the time when probably you are single  (& hence savings are huge & you have ample amount of time to focus on your career).

Create an asset every year that can fetch you at least 3K p.m. with minimal time & energy after one-time investment of your efforts & money.

What will happen after 7 years?

@ 1st year = 3K × 12 = 36K (*reinvest it)

@ 2nd year = 6K × 12 = 72K (*reinvest it)


@ 7 year = 7 × 3K × 12 = 252K (*2.5LPA)

2.5 LPA as a passive income is pretty nice.

Now, you can go for massive risk provided :

you have learned massively during past 7 years

you have solid connections & right information

you have family’s support.

Even if nothing works, you can still survive the dark days & can find a way out to reconcile back to your normal life.

## Be Very Aggressive.

You must work very passionately in these formative years of your life. The more you learn, the better will be the outcomes.

Weed out the things that don’t work & focus primarily on building more assets.

After Homework of 7 years, you can gamble in life ~ BIG GAMBLE!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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