What would my epitaph contain?

What would my epitaph contain?

My Epitaph:

“Amit Yadav was a man-of-life & required no Big degrees, No Big Bank Balance & No connections to follow his dreams”.

Why you should write your own epitaph?

Very rarely we realise that “it is our own creation that can inspire us”. It can be a poetry written by us, a piece of art-work or our own child.

Something needs to guide us. It could be in of the form of “few collection of words” that resonates with us. Epitaph comes to our rescue as it can serve as an “inspiration” in times of crisis. Because it will remind us of “what we expect from ourselves”.

□ It will keep us on track even in good days.

□ It removes fears from our lives & takes us closer to lightness.

□ It reminds us to “live up to our expectations”.

□ It is an statement which states how we want to be remembered after we are gone (*though we don’t benefit from it after we are dead, but it is surely advantageous to us in this life).

So, write down your own epitaph & start living your life as per the guiding principles of it!

P.S. We don’t merely benefit from reading. You must also take the right actions! 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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