7 Qualities to become Superhero in life?

7 Qualities to become Superhero in Life?

Life is full of uncertainties but still some people do very well in life. They do not have the fancy degrees & they may not have even gone to any college/school. They had few qualities that enabled them to overcome all the adversities in life.

# 1. Fire & Passion.

They had the fire to create wealth. They were not afraid to work day in & day out. They were willing to sacrifice anything to fulfill their dreams.

So, don’t stop. Keep going till the fuel lasts.

#2. They took Risk.

They took BIG risks in life. But they succeeded in life because they had complemented the risks with their hard-work. They were not afraid to go out of their comfort zone.

So, take some risks in life & fly high.

#3. They Kept Learning.

There was no pause button when it came to learning. They learned from everyone. They never hesitated to ask what they didn’t knew.

So, make it a habit to learn & grow.

#4. They knew the “working definition”.

In life what works is the “working definition”. They may not understand the jargons but they did understood the “essence”.

They can tell you the “working definition” of love, life, friendship, relationships, money, wealth, etc.

So, learn from your experiences. Rote learning doesn’t works in real-life.

#5. Extremely hard-work.

They knew the cardinal truth of life~ hard-work. In the long run, what gives result is the hard-work. The victorious in the end is the one who “worked while everyone slept”.

So, what’s your plan?

Rest or Work?

#6. They didn’t listened to naysayers.

They were least concerned about what others said. They just went on putting their efforts. What happened ultimately? 

They did score victory. 

So, will you heed to your inner-voice or would listen to others?

#.7 They never thought of quitting.

Giving up was never an option for them. They firmly believe in their inner-voice. They were determined to succeed. Hence, nothing could stop them.

So, will you give-up or will TRY AGAIN?

P.S. Superheroes are not born. They are self-made.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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