What employees lose over time?

What employees lose over time?

# The power to negotiate salary.

When you sit for an interview in campus recruitment ~ you hardly have any negotiation power.

The companies visiting on the campus list the salary (CTC) & the process of selection. 

You are left only with two choices :

i. To undergo the process & grab the job.

ii. Look somewhere else.

But as long as your salary is determined by the market forces (also add no experience, proper skills, etc.) it is difficult to get salary hikes even after on-job. So, as a fresher one has limited power to negotiate the salary.


Until & unless you are exceptional in your performance, your salary won’t increase exponentially. Instead it will follow a linear path.

Switching companies also doesn’t offers very positive outcomes. Typically, you are offered a standard hike of 30%. But after a while companies are reluctant to raise your salary as they can get freshers who can deliver results after few months of training.

## What can you do?

□ You can only learn MASSIVELY.

□ Be proactive at workplace not for a salary rise or promotion but just to learn & grow.

□ Build more connections & engage in massive Personal Branding.

□ Work-hard. It is very vital.

□ Be updated. 

□ Collaborate & look for opportunities to set up a small business part-time.

□ Have a long-term goal. If you are 21/22/23 then you have at least another 5-6 years to SHINE. Keep the fire in your belly alive because :

“We are not going to quit, in any case. “

That’s the only commitment you need to make to yourself. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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