How to get a job @ start-up quickly?

How to get a job @ start-up very quickly?


AngleList (web: is a platform for:

× Start-ups.

× Angel Investors.

× Job-seekers (*looking to work for a start-up).

Why is it better than LinkedIn?

□ LinkedIn platform usually doesn’t offers jobs to freshers.

□ is specifically for those who are looking to work in a start-up.

□ It is also a platform to connect with Angel Investors to get funding for your start-up.

Follow the below step-by-step Process:

□ Make your profile on

□ Add a very creative dp.

□ Add your key-skills (SEO, SMM, Coding, etc.) & your current location.

Browse for jobs (*if your profile is good & you posses in-demand skills then companies will get interested in you & you will receive a notification of the same). 

Else, look for a job keeping in mind your current skills. Click on I’m interested. If the start-up finds you awesome for their role then they will initiate a conversation with you & may call up for interview  (telephonic/face-to-face).

Usually, hiring is not tough in start-ups & they just call you up to know your availability, salary expectations, flexibility in relocation & working hours. More often start-ups do not have HRs & it is the founders/co-founders who make you call directly.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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