How to create multiple sources of income?

How to create multiple sources of income?

In today’s time, you cannot simply rely on a single source of income. The competition is huge, uncertainties are large. The world is changing very rapidly. It is very easy to lose one’s focus & way.

□ Don’t trust your job.

Jobs are no longer safe.

If you are not learning anything new on your job but still get paid well, you are sitting on a hot fire. The only thing is that you are not aware of it.

What if you get fired from your job? In coming days, it will be quite common for companies to lay off.

So, more than ever, it is very vital to have multiple sources of income.

□ What to do for that?

You have to invest some portion of what you earn very carefully. It could be in:

> Launching a website & selling some products.

> Starting your own Blog.

> Writing a Book (Fiction/Non-fiction)

> Publishing an e-book via Amazon KDP

> Selling products/services via Instamojo.

Freelancing on weekends.

> If you have any particular skill then you can go for Freelancing as well. It could be content-writing, website designing & development, SMM, SEO or online bidding as freelance websites.

If you are working for a full-time job then don’t waste your weekends. Work on them to make your life more secure & even to “live your dreams”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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