3 signs that you are not enjoying your life?

3 signs that you are not enjoying your life?

#.1. You are too busy.

If you are extremely busy & don’t have time for close friends & family members then you are just “living your life” & not enjoying it. Being busy & being disconnected are diagonally different. You are chasing something can be a sign of unhappiness in life especially if you are chasing something wrong.

#2. No memories.

Recall your past. Does it makes you giggle? Or do you find it hard to find moments of true happiness?

Life is hard, tough & unforgiving. But laughter, enjoyment, fun & hard-work should go hand-in-hand.

In the end, when you will sit for long hours & revisit your past, it must be a nice experience. Mind it!

#3. Escapism.

If you are trying to escape from life then certainly there are some issues in life that you need to sort out. Either you are not satisfied with your life or you are not enjoying it.

Accept the life as it is. Ask if something good can be done & do it. Don’t try to escape from realities.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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