Proof that right questions lead to better decisions.

Proof that right questions lead to better decisions.

Power of Right Questions.

Should I take a job or start something of my own?

Hard-work is inevitable in life. So, if you wish to achieve something as an employee/entrepreneur, hard-work is mandatory. 

We have an example of a lady heading  the SBI who started from entry-level position (PO). We also have a man who is the CEO of TCS & started his journey from ASE (entry-level position).

And on the other hand we also have several examples of people who started their own business & now own several businesses.

As pointed earlier, hard-work is inevitable ~ even to maintain success. So, one thing is clear that you cannot escape hard-work if you wish to be successful or to maintain it.

Hard-work~ inevitable.

जब मेहनत करनी ही है तो क्यों ना अपने स्टार्ट-अप पे?

》Anyways you are going to toil hard in an MNC.

》Anyways you will have to sacrifice many things to get regular promotions  (*internal competition).

》Anyways you will have to meet the deadlines else you may get fired.

But if you work for your own business ~

□ you can relocate to your Hometown.

□ you can own assets from which you can earn passive income.

□ you can take care of your parents (remember they are growing old!).

□ you can live with your family & your business can accommodate your parents, spouse, cousins, etc. (*if they are qualified & willing).

What is the point in doing a job where married couples live & work in different cities & get to meet only after few weeks & months? Its like software is in one city while hardware is in the another city.

Should I start RIGHT NOW?

The power lies in PRESENT.

Yes. Because with passage of time, many options will no longer be open to you. Age is an asset. If you are young then you don’t need too many back-ups~ just work exceptionally hard on Plan-A. Else you will end up life in Plan-B.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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