Why job insecurity is a good thing? 

Why job insecurity is a good thing?

Due to technological disruptions & innovations, the business world has become very competitive. New technologies & techniques pop up in no time. Whether we know or do not know about them, they affect our life. They have the ability to leave us jobless. 

In the coming days, job insecurity would be a norm due to massive technological advancements & automation, it will render many employees jobless. But it will create many NEW JOBS as well. 

Who will get these jobs? One who would have the requisite complex skills as per the demand of the time. These sort of people would be very less in number (*because it requires self-learning & being able to predict where we are heading & to adjust accordingly).

Is it good?

Yes, if you are clever. Since, jobs are no longer safe, why shouldn’t you move to entrepreneurship?

The negative side of prevalence of job insecurity is choas, political instability, rise of radical elements, etc. There is positive angle too to it. 

Take the risk.

It will create an ecosystem of entrepreneurship. Sooner or later people will accept the realities & will push themselves to become an entrepreneur.

This will force people to not to become complacent & learn new skills & keep up with the demands of the time.

□ Just like businesses, people will begin to accept that if they don’t perform they will perish.

□ Being fired from a job won’t be looked down by others~ as it will be a norm.

□ People will create opportunities for themselves by taking entrepreneurial journey. 

□ People will become open to risks.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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