Why everything is not rosy in corporate sector?

Why everything is not rosy in corporate sector?

Most top-performers leave for work early & return late. Even they carry work to their home.
Put yourself in their shoes, what would happen if they didn’t liked their work?

But that is very common~ loathing the job, not an alien phenomenon to anybody in the corporate sector. 

》Monday Blues (aka Morning Blues).

It is the sad feeling that engulfs you when you wake up, oh! its Monday, I will have to work for the entire day & the same routine will be there until the weekends.

Monday Blues are common at workplaces because of work-load, deadlines & above all the “monotonous nature of work”. We all are highly misplaced. Everyone is running around for “fat paychecks” & thus succumbing to “inner-urges” to do what interests them. Hence, job dissatisfaction is quite common.

I strongly believe that we lose creativity, focus & then happiness when we are forced to work beyond the “the normal”. Someone who is passionate about the work & finds it interesting may easily remain focused for 17-18 hours but for others it is very daunting task.

Hence, the outcomes are in the form of unhappiness that results from our work. It often leads to restrained relationships with spouse. It further explains why top- performers in corporate sector don’t have a happy married life.


Work entails 1/3rd of your life. If you hate your job, its negative effects are soon seen in all spheres of your life~ health, relationships, happiness & spirituality.

Hence, it is the worst trade off to settle for money & do what you hate for the rest of your life.

When your life becomes hard & loses its balance then logic fails to rescue you. It leads to prolonged unhappiness & that soon takes the shape of depression. Few wrong steps from here & you slip into clinical depression.

*There are some idiots who will tell you depression is quite common & we all feel it in a month or two~ but what should be common is happiness.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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