How to bounce back quickly in life?

How to bounce back quickly in life?

□ Accept the reality.

This is the first step, to come in conformity with the reality. Realities cannot be cannot but we can surely change our attitude & opinion.

□ Come out of the past.

It is very easy to become pessimistic towards life in hard-times. Days are dark, there are no signs of recovery, no hope & no strength to look up & expect something good.

Just as summoning all your strengths, you can force yourself to do what you really need to & it can surprise you. In the similar way, your bouncing back will astonish everybody around you.

So, cultivate an attitude that YOU ARE NO GOING TO QUIT.

I have lost many battles in life, but I could follow my dreams & reach here, because I had forced myself not to give up.

□ Start Again.

This time with more will power & passion. Nothing much is left in our life if we give up our dreams. 

The only thing worth fighting for is dreams. They are worth your time.


□ Money

□ Comfort 

□ Sleep

But never give up on your dreams. Else life will become very hollow, devoid of happiness, satisfaction, suspense & fun.

P.S. Quiting is not an option.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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