Why you should not be in any hurry?

Why you should not be in any hurry?

Life is BIG. It is not a sprint race but marathon so you should focus on building a strong foundational base.

## Short-sightedness.

Many a times in order to generate results in short-term we compromise with our learnings. And hence, we do not become very exceptional at something  (*it soon becomes a habit to give only your 60%-70% & not 100%). Many businesses which could have been successful but failed due to lack of patience.

Sustained success is not possible with concrete work. Short-cuts do not yield results in the long-term.

So, work extremely hard with a vision.

## Enjoy the Life.

It is frightening to wake up one day & suddenly realise that we are very close to death, the time for “it” has come . We usually ignore our end almost all the time.

So, don’t chase anything madly. Why should one be in so hurry? Everything will happen at it’s own pace, give time to life~ live it & life will reward you with the most precious intangible gifts.

## Success must be effortless.

Changes in Nature are big but takes place at a very slow rate & hence are noticeable only when observed very carefully. 

Same should be your path to success. It should be effortless, slow but steady, and above all BIG.

P.S. If you will work each single day with passion, overwhelming results will be obtained within few years. Think what could be achieved if it were your part of lifestyle? MASSIVE SUCCESS.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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