Meet the Superman of IIM-A.

Meet the Superman of IIM-A.

IITs & IIMs are the places where passionate folks are shaped into global corporate leaders, visionaries & entrepreneurs.

Some might argue that institutions like IITs & IIMs don’t play any dominant role in moulding the new entrants as they are already talented & hard-working (*hence would anyway succeed without going there). But what people often don’t take into account is “IIMs facilitate a platform whereby these talented people can interact & learn from each other & further their learnings”.

It is the ecosystem in the college that is vital for its students. Rest all is secondary. 

Today, we have, Rohan Jain from IIM- A with us. He is exceptional & knows the art to perfectly strike a balance between his academics, social life & co-curricular activities. He likes to travel & explore the world. Not only this, he is also champion in Badminton. 

Let’s have a closer look to his life:

After Badminton tournament.

Rohan Jain being awarded with Academic Excellence Award at IIT-K.

The story doesn’t ends here. He is quite active on Quora. His answers have so far crossed over 2.5M views.

Rohan Jain on Quora.

So, what’s the secret behind his success? 

Quite often we sugar-coat the secret behind success but it is pure hard-work over a sustained period of time.

The Secret.

So, the message from Rohan Jain to all the youngsters is to never compromise with studies & time left can be utilised to give life to one’s passion.

P.S.1. Never forget your roots, where you come from, the expectations of your family members & close friends, may be, all hope is on you.

P.S.2. I know, there might be many more Supermen at IIMs :))))))

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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