Why entrepreneurship is the ONLY way ahead?

Why entrepreneurship is the ONLY way ahead?

Entrepreneurship is risky but jobs are no longer secure & safe due to technological disruptions, automation, labour market dynamics, etc.

Then why not entrepreneurship?

थोड़ा रिस्क ही सही।

To retain your job you will be have to keep yourself on toes. Equal amount of hard-work may lead to success of your venture.

With the collapse of Socialism, the economies are becoming more Capitalistic. Hence, there will be more inequality & concentration of power & money among the “few”. Few will be the entrepreneurs so you are left with no other choice.

{All around the world the gap between rich & poor is getting wider}.

How can you 3x/4x or 10x your income?

The fastest & the best way is entrepreneurship to multiple your income.

Hence, entrepreneurship is the only way ahead.

##What to do?

There is very little risk in online businesses as the amount of money invested is not very huge. You can easily start an online business in & around 3L INR (1L for initial capital & 2L as working capital for next 1-1.5 years).

So, just learn & start building your online business.


Sooner or later you will develop the traits of entrepreneurs:

Risk-taking (you will no longer be risk-averse & hence your growth will be exponential as it will require you to step outside your comfort zone frequently)

Great Communication Skills: most entrepreneurs are very great at propagating their ideas.

Fear of Rejection: you will never be fearful of rejections. Entrepreneurs try more & hence are rejected more than others. So, you become very good at handling it.

Fear of Failure: you will fail each day in something or the other, so, you will no longer be afraid of failures. All entrepreneurs believe that failures don’t matter but only the successes. So, they only focus on success.

Most people fail in life because of fear of failure & fear of rejection. You will shine because “you are no longer” restricted by these fears.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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