Risk-free strategy to get extremely rich.

Risk-free strategy to get extremely rich.

This is going to be a very detailed post & will be keeping it simple so that every reader can grasp it to the fullest.

At the core of the strategy is the idea of building “Assets” so that one can keep the cash flowing in.


Scale up “whatever you do”.

I have been blogging since past 2 years & have written over 1250+ blogs since then. So, it is now very close to a full-fledged website.

Now, next step for me will be to refine, edit & re-edit, add cool pics, etc. to the blog i.e. to give it the final touch.

{I have partnered with NewsDog & UC News, so money will keep flowing even if the traffic on my individual blogs fall}.

{Requires at max. 1 L INR }


Will be re-investing massively in SEO & SMM to increase the traffic on my blog.

Will simultaneously be learning SEO & SMM.

{Requires at max. 1 L INR}

》 Novel.

Novel “She is Not Sister” by Er. Amit Yadav & Er. Renu Chauhan is almost complete. Will be re-editing & refining it for next 1 year. It will be launched by end of 2018.

{Requires at max. 2 Lac}

》Motivational Speaking.

Will be very specifically focusing on Personal Finance as there is no Robert Kiyosaki/Tony Robbins in India. Will occupy this space as there is vacuum.

{I will just need to teach how I created assets & charge for it}

》Campaign for Anti-Suicide.

I have already Self-published my e-book on Amazon Kindle with title “The Ultimate Suicide Guide- 27 Principles to Beat Suicide”.

I’ll just get it re-published with a nice cover & some editing. Will use this to run a campaign on Anti-Suicide in India. If successful, I’ll have sole authority to speak on this subject  (*such things have already been done in the West).

{At max. 25K INR investment}

So, total investment = 4, 25, 000 INR only (no risk at all in monetary terms).

## Returns.

Top bloggers in the country earn 20L per month & even more. So, even if one fails to occupy the top positions one can earn at least 15-20 LPA (*not bad!)

From novel one can earn substantial if it sells well (Passive Income).

If one attains the celebrity status in Personal Finance then one can earn in Crore easily.

So, returns will be very unbelievable! 

## Worst-case-scenario.

I’m also working on start-up India Shouts.

Back-up 1: Even if nothing favourable takes place one can easily get a job in range of 5-10 LPA based on blogging, SEO & SMM experience.

Back-up 2: I am already done with the coaching of Civil Services & I’m an avid reader too. So, in worst-case scenario, I’ll switch to Govt. Sector. I can do so because I’m just 22 right now. And I have another 2-3 years to implement the above strategy.

One can also keep the option of MBA open if one wishes to go in Corporate Sector.

P.S. In this strategy you only need to be very consistent, focused & hard-working. Monetary investment is low but it requires quite a lot efforts from your side.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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