What is the best investment you can make @ first job?

What is the best investment you can make @ first job?

## Hire a Personal Assistant.

It is a MUST irrespective of whether you take home 20K p.m. or 2L p.m.

Preferably look for college students & offer in between 3K-5K p.m.

Assign these tasks:

Direct him/her to dig out the details (e-mail, what they are interested in, media reports about them, etc.) of prominent & key-people in your industry.

Assign the Personal Assistant (PA) with the task of “making a proposal” that you can use to pitch for business deals.

Ask the PA to make very impressive ppts.

■ PA’s work should also involve calling for fixing meetings for you with key people in the industry.


#1. You can also delegate some of your office work

#2. The returns would be overwhelming & unbelievable.

#3. You will become an expert on how to direct PA (*must if you wish to hold key positions in any industry)

## What you need to do?

Figure out a service that you can offer to the companies/key peoples as a freelancer or a start-up.

Once you get deals, register a company (*not a big issue).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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