The best advice for fresh graduates.

The best advice for fresh graduates.

The Best Advice.

In this post, I will press on the “importance of cultivating relationships in corporate sector” & how it will help you to grow very rapidly in career.

》 Connections.

The one good news for fresh graduates is that the employees in corporate sector haven’t much invested in the time & money in cultivating relationships across industries.

This is also true for Training & Placement officers in majority of the colleges. They don’t have relevant links in the industry & hence struggle hard to attract companies for campus placements. That is why “consultancy firms” have mushroomed.

So, what’s the lesson?

It shall provide you with great learning opportunities as meeting with folks from diverse industries will enhance your knowledge & broaden your exposure.

Other benefits:

■ It will help you in job change

■ It opens up the avenue to you to work as a consultant (which is quite lucrative)

■ It may give you insights on “what to do next” to succeed.

P.S. 1. No matter if you are a coder, designer, manager or investor ~ cultivate relationships.

P.S.2. There are only two good ways to learn. First is from people & second is reading books (*to learn from people you cannot meet in real).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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